TK Graphics Launches New Digital Fabric Printing Capabilities

TK Graphics Launches New Digital Fabric Printing Capabilities

Innovative and advanced capabilities in fabric printing



Surrey, BC – New World Print, one of the leading suppliers of large format printing in the Lower Mainland, has launched its new digital fabric printing division, TK Textile Printing. In light of the rising demand for high quality and cost efficient printed fabric in apparel, furniture and soft signage uses, the company has established this new division at its current facility in Surrey BC to meet local and national needs effectively.

TK Textile Printing uses state-of-the art technology such as the EFI Reggiani Pro printer to provide better efficiency, quality and cost savings to customers looking for digital printing solutions for all polyester and polyester-blended fabric. Its flexibility and advanced features will offer custom orders that respond to quick market demands, and at the same time, produce dazzling, ultra-vivid displays and products. Importantly, the new technology also supports the company’s green commitment to the environment, as it produces little waste and no harmful effluents. “We are tremendously excited to add digital dye sublimation printing capabilities”, says partner Vincent Ko, “With our vast experience and expertise in commercial, we are expecting this new capability to enhance and expand our service to all our customers.”

Digital Fabric Printing is a fast growing and innovative process that involves printing directly from the computer onto the desired medium by way of a large-format inkjet printer. In the process of dye sublimation printing, images are transmitted directly or transferred, under extreme heat and pressure, onto any polyester-based media. The results are unsurpassable colours and imagery that are superior and long-lasting. Examples of end uses are fashion and sports apparel, furniture upholstery, soft signages and hanging banners.

About TK Textile Printing

Established in 2017, TK Textile Printing is a division of New World Print, which  began in 1993, and is one of Canada’s leading printing suppliers with over 44,000 sq feet of leading edge printing equipment, including its latest digital dye sublimation printer. Based in Surrey, BC, TK Textile Printing specializes in digital fabric printing that provides flexibility, customization and efficiency. To learn more about TK Textile Printing, please visit its website (TBC)

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