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With 70+ years of innovation, research and technological advancements, the EFI Reggiani is a global leader in integrated textile printing solutions. It is the premier manufacturer of digital and traditional printing machines.

TK textile is proud to partner with EFI to bring you fabric printing solutions that deliver unparalleled quality and high volumes.


Max. Print Width: Up to 120 inches width

Resolution: Up to 2400 DPI

Max Speed 8H: Up to 4,305 sqft/hr (400 sqm/hr)

Fabric Weight: Unlimited fabric thickness

Fabric Type: Polyester based material, 100% polyester

Innovative and advanced capabilities in fabric printing


Fabric Printing

Digital fabric printing is a fast growing and innovative process that involves printing directly from the computer onto the desired medium by way of a large-format inkjet printer. In the process of dye sublimation printing, images are transmitted directly or transferred, under extreme heat and pressure, onto any polyester-based media. The results are unsurpassable colours and imagery that are superior and long-lasting.


Environmental Responsibility

We strongly believe that taking green sustainable actions is an integral and essential part of a successful printing business, so we strive to incorporate environmental consciousness into our printing process.


Our digital textile printing machine uses water-based CMYK dye sublimation inks so that there is little water wastage and no effluent leaking into the environment. It also has a unique ink recirculation system for improved ink yield.


We print on recyclable, reusable polyester, or polyester blended fabric to help you with waste management. In addition, we can also take any used fabric that you had printed, and send them off to a local recycling service plant. More info:


We implement resource stewardship and effective waste management system through 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) practices.